Inflatable Advertising! – Now Available!

Need to add some extra attention in front of your business! Need something huge that demands attention?!? We can help! We offer inflatable advertising rentals to the Buffalo area. No longer do you need to rent from out of state or put up the huge upfront cost purchasing the inflatable, you can simply rent it!


Consider adding a sky dancer to draw more attention to your business!

Inflatable Type Free Delivery Price Rooftop Installation?
20′ ThumbsUp Eagle No, Delivery Rates Apply $300 First Week
or $800/ Month+tax
Not Allowed.
Inflatable Pylons
3 Available
No, Delivery Rates Apply 1 at $100.00/Week
3 at $200/Week
Not Allowed.

Looking For More Information? Or would like to request an item? (Please allow a few weeks to manufacture. Additional Costs May Apply.)

We can order custom inflatables, please contact us for more information!

 gorilla balloon

Limitless Possibilities! Contact us now!

king kong rental balloon