20′ Sky Dancer Rental

We now feature the ability to get more exposure for your outdoor sign or even as a stand-alone attention grabber! Add a sky dancer, aka A Wacky Wavy Arm Flailing Tube Man to your rental for $20 a day. (7 Day Minimum)

sky_dancer_sign_rental  wacky_wavy_tube_man

Call today to find out more information and available colors and options.


Airdancers are generally called an inflatable tube or a moving figure, such as “windyman”, “skydancer”, “Air Dancer” “tube man” and “flyguy”; an episode of Family Guy called them “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman”.

tube-man-3 tube-man-4

Discounts can be given for month long rentals! Call to rent!

tube-man-5 tube-man-6