Sign Waving Machine – Coming Soon

Mannequin Sign Spinners are a unique new way on advertising! Forget paying for a employee to spin signs, rent a Mannequin Sign Spinner from Buffalo Sign Rental!

sign-doll-rental-2 sign-doll-rental-3 sign-dolls-buffalo

No bathroom or lunch breaks… have it work for you all day long! Great for bringing attention to your business by converting foot and road traffic. Place it on a street corner, in front of your business, convention booths, trade-shows booths & more! Please contact your towns building inspector to make sure they are allowed. A permit may be required.

Rental Length Setup Fee Free Delivery Price
1 – 4 Days $75 To Print Sign No, Delivery Rates Apply $150 plus tax
2 Weeks $75 To Print Sign No, Delivery Rates Apply $225 plus tax
1 Month X No, Delivery Rates Apply $375 plus tax

Are you ready to stand out from every other business on your block?

Purchase A Mannequin Free Delivery Price
Save Money By Owning! Yes $999 plus tax

Contact us to order, or if you have any questions!

We deliver and pickup everything we rent. Delivery rates apply. Signs can be wheeled inside at night, chained to a post/tree. Customer is responsible for the unit after delivery.

Sign Waving Mannequin Sign-Waving-Mannequin copy 3 Sign-Waving-Mannequinpic13 Sign-Waving-Mannequin copy 2 motorized-sign-waving-mannequin