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Entrepreneur and small business owner of Buffalo Sign Rental and Party In Buffalo Bounce House Rentals, which operate in the Buffalo, New York Area.

What Ice Cream Trucks Can Teach Your Small Business

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Why parking next to your competition will get you more customers.


They say “keep your enemies close.” Location matters when it comes to your competition.

Have you ever noticed two gas stations…right across the street from one another?
Or, like in the photo above, fast food chains right next to each other?

This phenomenon happens all the time. Did you ever wonder why?

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8 Keys to Success: Sign Design

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All around the country people instantly recognize the golden arches on McDonald’s® signs, and immediately identify Volkswagen’s®, Wal–Mart’s®, and even Ben and Jerry’s® signs. By following a few easy tips, your business’ sign can become highly visible and recognizable, and promote your business more than you may realize.


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