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Facebook announces new mobile app advertising analytics tool

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At today’s F8 conference, Facebook announced plans for a new ad analytics tool, designed to let mobile developers track the performance of their app install campaigns.

Facebook plans to launch the tool this summer, and it will be free, Facebook’s director of platform products Deborah Liu said.

More specifically, the tool will allow developers to learn about the people who click on app advertisements on Facebook. They might be able to learn where those users are coming from and where they go after they click on the ad. Other analytics points may be available from Facebook’s vast store of personally identifiable information.

Facebook will present the data to app developers on a unified dashboard, Liu said.
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Feds Sue DirecTV for Deceptive Advertising

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Federal regulators are accusing DirecTV of misleading consumers about the cost of its satellite TV service.

According to the lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday, DirecTV advertised a discounted package of TV channels for “12 months,” leading many consumers to assume they were signing a 12-month contract. But in fact, the package required a two-year contract—it was only the discounted rate that lasted for 12 months, the FTC said. Prices skyrocketed by up to $45 per month in the second year, and consumers faced early-cancellation fees of up to $480, according to the lawsuit.

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