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GEICO Brilliantly Reinvents YouTube Preroll Advertising

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geicoEveryone hates YouTube’s preroll ads. You want to watch an old Beatles clip but it’s held hostage by a preroll ad for Toyota, of which you are forced to watch five seconds. It’s possibly the longest five seconds in all of advertising, at least to the viewer. And that’s because advertisers typically run normal TV spots, none of which are designed for the preroll “medium.” Continue reading

Super Bowl Advertising

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Sorting the Winners From the Losers
The Smartest Brands Know the Big Game Is Won on YouTube, Not on TV

Americans love to keep score. On Feb. 1, Super Bowl Sunday, every advertiser, marketer and ad-minded consumer in America will go to bed elated (or maybe depressed), bellies full of too much nachos, wings and beer. The next day, they’ll wake up and log on to find out the winners of the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter, an annual survey of TV commercials conducted in a live poll during the Super Bowl broadcast.

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What Ice Cream Trucks Can Teach Your Small Business

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Why parking next to your competition will get you more customers.


They say “keep your enemies close.” Location matters when it comes to your competition.

Have you ever noticed two gas stations…right across the street from one another?
Or, like in the photo above, fast food chains right next to each other?

This phenomenon happens all the time. Did you ever wonder why?

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